Greatest. Economy. Ever. Got Cognitive Dissonance?

Remember that feeling in November of 2012? On the morning after Election Day, when I saw that President Obama had won over Gov. Mitt Romney, I had cognitive dissonance like you wouldn’t believe.

parallel earthsThere’s reason to think that the editors at the Washington Post and the New York Times are experiencing something of the same.

From the Post’s article on Sunday:

In the past year, the economy has added 656,000 blue-collar jobs, compared to 1.7 million added in the services sector. But the rate of growth in blue-collar jobs is speeding up, while service-sector job growth has hovered around 1.3 percent over the past year.

And here’s one takeaway from the Times last Friday:

The headlines for the August job numbers released this morning are nothing but good. Employers added a robust 201,000 jobs, the unemployment rate remained at the rock-bottom level of 3.9 percent, and wages grew the fastest they have in nine years.

If you’re a Trump-hating socialist, I sympathize with you. A little.

Just remember what you told us throughout the Obama years: It’s fair to criticize the president’s policies, but not the person.

Oh. Wait a minute.

Somehow or other, that got flipped on its head, didn’t it.