Crazy Talk Indeed

Since the release of Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward, leftist reporters and pundits have been once again showing their gone mad

In this piece, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is challenged by a reporter. “What does the president make of all this talk…?”

She had the temerity to call the question ridiculous. But that’s just crazy, isn’t it? Is she really qualified to make such a judgment?

We heard throughout the 2016 race that no one but Hillary Clinton’s physician was qualified to speculate as to whether or not she was physically fit to be the nation’s next commander-in-chief. Anyone who played outside of that sandbox was immediately shut down, rhetorically speaking.

Aren’t you glad there’s no double standard when it comes to the treatment of President Trump?

Otherwise, pundits and reporters – not merely editorial boards, mind you – would be freed up to make all kinds of wild and reckless speculation about the body and mind of this sitting president. So glad there’s no hypocrisy to speak of.

For a great rebuttal to the Left’s most recent madness, read this piece from the Federalist: Comparing People To Hitler For Supporting Donald Trump Is Crazy Talk.

Crazy talk indeed,