As Natural as Breathing

hurricaneLife’s experiences have a way of revealing the truth about people, especially when it comes to our relationships. You learn who you can trust, and you learn who you shouldn’t trust.

Take Sen. Jeff Merkley of Florida, for example.

He told CNN yesterday that ICE had received nearly $10 million from FEMA, thereby lessening the government agency’s ability to respond to the ever-approaching Hurricane Florence.

Democratic senator releases document showing ICE got $9.8 million from FEMA

Merkley has on many occasions spoken out against ICE and its efforts to curtail illegal immigration. When asked about the connection, the Senator stated, “I would dispute the statement that this (claim) has no bearing on…addressing the challenges from hurricanes.”

FEMA spokesperson Jenny Burke replied yesterday on Twitter:

After calling @SenJeffMerkley staff to inform them of the facts surrounding @FEMA budget we were told “It’s a TV hit, you take it where you can” – regardless of the facts?

Read that sentence one more time, please, and let it sink in.

“It’s a TV hit.” This is military-ops-speak.

“You take it where you can.” That’s double-speak for “By any means necessary.”

Think I too am playing fast and loose with the facts?

The editorial board at the Washington Post stated as clearly as they possibly could that, if you deny climate change, you’re complicit in the destruction caused by Hurricane Florence.

Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.

This goes well beyond the need to sell newspapers or fill the 24-hour news cycle.

Because President Trump walked away from the Paris Accords, and his EPA no longer shares the same progressive agenda as the last administration, any death and destruction that occurs as a result of the coming storm is his fault.

And if you support him, you’re to blame as well, even though the insurance companies regard those as “acts of God.”

Lying. It’s as natural as breathing, especially when you’ve stopped believing in truth.