The Dehumanization of President Trump

I don’t know what the rest of the week will hold, but I have to believe it can’t get any lower than this. (Okay, I want to believe it can’t.)

Yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper devoted four minutes to – what to even call it? – the genitals of the president of the United States of America, and the woman who knew them.

His penis is distinctive in a certain way.
-Stormy Daniels

Illustration of AsmodaiSo now his penis is different.

Just like his hair. And his hands. And his bank account.

See a pattern developing?

Remember the heat Jimmy Fallon took last year for messing up Trump’s hair? He had the audacity to treat then presidential-nominee Trump like a fellow human being for a moment, and the Left imploded.

Why exactly?

Because it’s child’s play to vilify someone after you’ve made them out to be different. Every bully on the playground knows that.

Characterizing Trump as the Devil of the national narrative is absolutely vital to the Left’s plans of destroying this president, and most of Trump’s supporters are keen to this.

Those who cheer on Tapper and Maddow and their ilk are playing a conscious role in nothing short of the dehumanization of a fellow human being.

Thanks, Jake. With exposés like this (pun intended), the work of exposing leftists hell-bent with Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting easier every day.


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