Flake to the Rescue

Sen. Jeff FlakeCivility died in the Senate this week.

Dr. Ford asked to remain anonymous, but she was dragged into the light.

Judge Kavanaugh has a claim of sexual assault against him (with no corroborating witnesses nor evidence, mind you), and was found guilty before proven innocent by lawmakers on the Left.

And just yesterday, the nomination process for the next Supreme Court justice was stalled.  Never-Trumper-in-chief, Senator Jeff Flake, asked for a week’s time for the FBI to investigate.

While I don’t begrudge Flake for his call, I doubt he’s going to be satisfied anytime soon.

A week should be enough time for the stalwart agents at the FBI to investigate and make their conclusions.

But it won’t be enough for leftists in the Senate or the media who want Trump’s head on a stick. They’ve succeeded in fully projecting their hate of Trump onto Brett Kavanaugh.

Thankfully, Flake wasn’t the only senator who listened to his conscience.

In less than five minutes, Sen. Lindsey Graham systematically destroyed Sen. Feinstein and this charade of justice.

See it for yourself, and be glad for the bravery of the few,