Double Standard: Righteous Indignation

broken mirrorLast week, during his opening remarks, Judge Brett Kavanaugh had some nerve.

After myriad allegations against him from over three decades ago, allegations that a person can’t begin to disprove, Kavanaugh had the audacity to show how upset all of this has made him.

As a result, he’s been characterized as one who is unfit to serve in the nation’s highest court.

Sen. Jeff Flake, the poster-boy for Never-Trumpers, deems Kavanaugh as “partisan” and “too sharp.”

Rep. Maxine Waters has referred to Kavanaugh as “nothing but a tool and a puppet to the president.”

Predictable as the day is long.

But those on the Left have enough hate to spread around. Just ask those smearing Sen. Lindsey Graham after his strong defense for both Kavanaugh and the rule of law last week.

Where does all of this hate and vitriol come from?

Ask any kid on the playground. Once a person has given themselves an allowance to hate, there’s no end to what they’ll do in an effort to destroy a fellow human being.

Those suffering with Trump Derangement Syndrome need to spend a few minutes with the person in the mirror and ask themselves:

Why do I hate those who disagree with me politically?

Must I hate them?

If not, how can I respond differently?

To civility,