My Ah-Hah! Moment

In early 2016, I was working alongside well-intended, conservative-minded, reasonable educators who – one by one – became Never-Trumpers.

In each instance, the people I admired bought the media’s claim of candidate Trump’s racism, sexism, and xenophobia hook-line-and-sinker.

Ah-Hah MomentBut I didn’t.

Instead, I saw each charge through the lens of a radicalized media, and I could see Trump for what he is:

  • A flawed human being.
  • An extremely talented businessman and negotiator.
  • A fresh possibility for our nation.
  • Nothing more. Nothing less.

When talking with my colleagues, there was complete animus against Trump, and none of the typical qualities of discourse that we commonly enjoyed on virtually every other subject. It occurred to me that, for some reason, the topic of Trump was to them in a completely separate category.

As a teacher of composition and discourse, this fascinated me, so I began talking to more people outside of work, and I began digging. I started researching.

Who am I?

I’m a middle-aged American man with a keen interest in literature, politics, psychology, and religion.

I’m also an individualist. By this, I mean that I believe more in the collective good of particular individuals than in the inherent good of the collective. (My apologies to David Brooks, Bill Kristol, and George Will.)

As a self-professed internet news junkie with nearly twenty years of teaching experience, I understand better than most how tainted the media and many representatives in Congress are against President Trump, and how they will never stop in their efforts to destroy him.

Together, they have recently escalated their efforts, going so far as to threaten the peace and safety of members of Trump’s administration.

Because I have no illusions whatsoever about the cost of an unpopular message in this day, I use an alias, En Folkefiende (pronounced “en FOLK-eh-fi-YEN-deh), after the protagonist of my favorite play, An Enemy of the People. My loved ones need to remain safe, and this work must continue if it is to help shape political discourse in the land that I love.


The purpose of this effort is threefold:

1) To shake well-intended people of various political persuasions of their blind hatred of President Donald Trump,

2) To begin to view him and his accomplishments more objectively, and

3) To help people see the mainstream media for what it is: a political hate machine.


To accomplish these goals, I must provide a platform that:

1) Spotlights and breaks down:

  • Efforts by the mainstream media and various congressional leaders to scapegoat President Trump,
  • Actual achievements of President Trump,
  • Attempts of pundits and politicians to whitewash the phenomenon known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome,”
  • Actions by President Trump that appear to be of a questionable nature (regarding the office of the President, or the security of our nation either economically or militarily), and

2) Provides a path of emotional recovery to those who have given in to the hatred fomented by the media and President Trump’s political enemies with:

  • A self-diagnosis tool,
  • Ongoing challenges / questions with everything spotlighted above,
  • A tool to help challenge hateful feelings, and to help replace them with rational, reasonable ones, and
  • Provides clarity as to how we as a nation got to the place where it is acceptable to “politically assassinate” a nation’s leader every hour of every day.

Since Rome wasn’t built in a day, look for these items to be developed as time marches on.

Until then,
En Folkefiende